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Geodetic Services

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PARSAN is providing an entire range of services in the field of topographic and hydrographic surveys, in India, Singapore and many Middle Eastern countries. The surveys are carried out using latest instruments like GPS, Total Stations, Autolevels, Digital echosounders.

Geophysical methods can be effectively used for:

River Cross-section: These surveys involve use of land based survey techniques and hydrographic survey techniques. Advanced equipment like DGPS, Digital Echosounder, Total Stations etc., are used for taking river cross section.

Hydrographic Survey

Road Survey: These surveys are carried out for proposed roads, strengthening and widening of existing roads. DGPS is used for establsihing control points, followed by Total Station survey.

Route Surveys:For Transmission lines, Pipelines, Tunnels etc.

Contour Surveys: Land & Water Bodies.

Topographical Surveys: Tcapture details and features on the ground. Clubbed with elevation details, these maps are essential part of any project.

Topographic Survey

Boundary Surveys: Tmark the precise boundary of any project on ground.

Measured Building Surveys:Floor plans and elevations are produced mainly for our architectural and engineering clients. They are used for building redevelopment and structural analysis.

Setting-out Work: Transfer of map information tground. Eaxmple include road centre line, pipeline alignment marking, etc.

Quantity Calculation: Tcaluclate cut-fill volumes based on existing levels and planned levels, final levels and initial levels etc.

Reservoir Sedimentation Studies: Tcaculate amount of silt accumulated in a reservoir over time. Alstcalculate rate of sedimentation, balance life of reservoir etc. Used modern tools like Digital echosounder, DGPS, Total Stations and modeling techniques.

Flood Modeling Studies: Complete flood modeling studies including cross section survey and modeling.