The Foreign Branch office of PARSAN becomes Opreational in Singapore!


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PARSAN Overseas Private Ltd. possesses expertise in near surface geophysics encompassing diverse applications from leakage source detection to tunneling geophysics.

Pioneering the innovation of unique solutions to subsurface challenges, we provide contracting and consulting services to clients from the geotechnical, civil engineering, mineral, hydrological and environmental industries.

Having commenced operations in Delhi in 2001, the 22 year journey of PARSAN now spans multiple geographies. It owns largest range of survey equipments in Indian private sector and continues to expand its resources to forge ahead its proficiency.

From the outset, PARSAN has been committed to its mission of striving for innovation to accelerate consumption of geophysical services to reduce the cost of engineering projects. It has contributed towards the development of high profile infrastructure projects in India and abroad. Hydroelectric projects, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, metro projects, dam safety investigations, mineral exploration for atomic minerals, Reliance 4G project, deep aquifer mapping in hostile terrains of Afghanistan, etc. are a few examples from PARSAN’s experience account.

PARSAN holds work experience panning India, Singapore, Oman, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Additional to India, Bahrain, KSA and Singapore, the company also have its agent offices located in Egypt and Sudan.