The Foreign Branch office of PARSAN becomes Operational in Singapore, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain!


PARSAN represents ABEM brand of equipment in India, including:

ABEM Terraloc Pro 2

ABEM Terraloc Pro 2: The ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is a versatile seismograph that can be used with any type of seismic accessory for every possible application. More details here.

Abem Terrameter LS 2 Resistivity Meter

Abem Terrameter LS 2 Resistivity Meter: The new generation of resistivity meter – ABEM Terrameter LS 2 pushes the boundaries by introducing features previously never seen in commercial resistivity meters. More details here.

ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000

ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000: High quality resistivity/IP meter, suitable for multiple applications. More details here.

ABEM WalkTEM Transient Electromagnetic

ABEM WalkTEM Transient Electromagnetic: ABEM WalkTEM transient electromagnetic system (TEM) provides an intuitive user interface combined with stunning performance, making it a powerful tool for surveys in the geological near-surface. Applications include groundwater and mineral exploration and environmental investigations. Now with a new booster option for even deeper soundings. More details here. More details here.

PARSAN also helps your ABEM equipment serve you with minimum downtime through service support provided from India. Please speak to us if you are a proud owner of an ABEM equipment and needs an upgrade/ service.

Ground Penetrating Radar

PARSAN represents M/s Radar Systems Inc. of Riga, Latvia for Ground Penetrating Radar System. The equipment is available with a full range of antenna options for various applications. The advantage of buying from PARASAN is excellent after sales service and complete training on operation and interpretation of data. PARSAN also offers interpretation services to its clients for data recorded by them in field.

Following equipment are available:

  • Single Channel Control unit with software "Prism" and accessories
  • Dual Channel Control unit with software “Prism” and accessories
  • Antenna system 38 – 75 – 150 MHz (dipole type, unshielded)
  • Antenna system 100 MHz (surface coupled, shielded)
  • Antenna unit 300 MHz (surface coupled, shielded)
  • Antenna unit 500 MHz (surface coupled, shielded)
  • Antenna unit 900 MHz (surface coupled, shielded)
  • Antenna unit 1.5 GHz (surface coupled, shielded)
  • Antenna unit 2 GHz (surface coupled, unshielded)
  • Antenna unit 750 MHz (air coupled, shielded)
  • Survey wheel (optional)
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Pipe Line Leak Detection Equipment

PARSAN provides a range of equipment for detection leakage in pipe line including - instrument to measure pipe invert and sizes, leak detectors (with acoustic sensor, tracer gas sensor), correlator, etc.